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I’m going to Paris in October to visit my friend Cara Tobe. If I continue with my current savings plan, I will have an additional $1,750 by the day I leave. If, however, I am able to stay extra diligent and drastically cut going out to eat and drink, I could have as much as $4,000 put away by that time. I had already been making an effort to go out less, but with this trip now on the horizon, I couldn’t imagine any better motivation.

I don’t post many personal entries, but I felt by throwing this up on the internet it sort of makes it an official, and public, goal. Here goes.

Posted: 2 years ago
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  1. gregoryshanahan said: I was in Paris a few years ago in October and it was absolutely stunning. If I ever go back (hopefully soon) I would go to as many shows as possible. House, Rock, any I could get my ears on. Get that 4K! Also, shit was mad expensive.
  2. dieselhurst said: Yay, Sam!!
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